Domestic & Commercial Egg Incubators

Many domestic bird growers incubate eggs to help sustain their flock over time. This users manual is designed to assist those who wish to incubate small number of domestic poultry eggs. The words "fertility" and "hatchability" are often used incorrectly by small producers.


POWERSOL incubators are used for hatching a variety of different types of eggs. Typical incubators have the ability to maintain a specified temperature along with controlled humidity and ventilation. If you can consistently for the species being hatched, you will be ensured the greatest chance of a successful hatch. The incubator is an apparatus that is used for environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity that needs to be controlled. It is often used for growing bacteria cultures, hatching eggs artificially, or providing suitable conditions for chemical or biological reasons. The incubator is recorded to hatch not only bird's eggs, but it also is used reptile eggs. It allows the fetus inside of the eggs to grow without the mother needing to be present to provide the warmth. Chicken eggs are recorded to hatch after about 21 days, but other species of birds can either take a long or shorter amount of time. An incubator is supposed to be able to set the perfect environment and condition for an egg to incubate because it regulates the factors such as temperature, humidity, and turning the egg when necessary. This is so that the egg incubated properly because it plays the role of the hen in its natural state. The incubator also allows the egg to incubate while eliminating the external threats that could possible harm the eggs. It is possible to include different species of birds at the same time within the same incubator.

Finished Incubator Measurements (With Door & Bush)

60 Egg Incubator
100 Egg Incubator
200 Egg Incubator
300 Egg Incubator
600 Egg Incubator + 200 HATCHER
1000 Egg Incubator
500 Egg Hatcher
2000 Egg Incubator
700 Egg Hatcher
3000 Egg Incubator
1000 Egg Hatcher


Product Guide

We have wide range of models with different capacity and features. Please find the information in below given model guide.

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When should the incubator be prepared for the eggs?
Where should the eggs be stored, if they cannot be set right away?
How do you disinfect the incubator?
Disinfect incubator with 10 percent bleach solution, then wash with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
How long should egg be held for incubating?
What are the factors for successful hatches?
What should used to mark the eggs?
What should I do if the eggs in incubator do not hatch on the 21st day?
What does it mean when chicks are very wet and mushy?
How can I be sure that I have enough humidity?
How do I add water?
How do I count the days?

Operational Demo

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